When freeways collide, the mind goes silent. Metal shreds against metal, asphalt burns through rubber, and oil fumes fill the air...

About us

Freeways Collide is an independent art studio based in Southern California. We started in 2011, exploring collaged narratives in a post-blog format with a small group of international creatives. We explored ideas that cross-pollenated our own personal experiences through different subcultures, as well as cinema, art, design, sexuality, and travel. By 2013 though, we became more localized and started putting together physical zines around photography, illustration, and poetry; while organizing safe space events for the Los Angeles zine community. In 2017, we’ve taken an inward approach to become a provoker of ideas and thoughts around our current socio-economic and political climate—becoming even more culturally aware and visually linguistic with our own subconscious imagery and psyche.

We’re invisible and on the information superhighway.